Raised in Bradford Ontario, Chef Michael Edgar has always had a love and passion for food. Starting his education in the film industry, Michael felt unfulfilled with his career choice and spent most of his free time cooking and exploring new and exciting recipes. He decided to put the camera down and follow his passion and dream of becoming a Chef, and in 2017 he graduated from Liaison College.


Michael has gained a wealth of experience having worked/run multiple kitchens, from all aspects of the culinary world. Breakfast to banquets, Michael has worked and studied in many different restaurants across the GTA. Finally settling into the role of head chef at a popular Aurora restaurant, he has found a way to take all the knowledge and teachings of his mentors and put them into an extraordinary menu.


Always being told things had to be done a certain way, Michael always rose to the challenge. Creating a zero waste kitchen, made from scratch, and almost totally gluten free kitchen, he strives to continue the journey of teaching others. Michael started his own catering company with his childhood neighbor and current girlfriend Kristina Yeo, called ZEST, in order to bring the experience of his cooking to your table. His Chef At Home program allows him to teach about all the ways we can save money, time, and our food in more then one creative way. 


Continuing to learn is Michaels biggest goal. You wont see him standing around very long until hes onto the next project. Mentoring and teaching people about food is Michaels real passion, showcasing his talents and teaching his young sons, “Never stop learning.” 

“It’s a silly thing to try and teach children to never stop learning, but its even harder trying to teach a grown adult the same core concepts. Once we stop that hunger for knowledge, theres nothing left to do. And thats the biggest fear i have.” - Chef Michael Edgar