Chef Julian, a hometown hockey boy from Newmarket, Canada has been a professional chef for over 10 years. After graduating from culinary school in 2010, he began his career at a wine bar on Queen St. West, serving up Asian-Mexican fusion style tapas before moving on to Magna Golf Course where he worked under a Michelin-stared chef. Chef Julian learned what fine dining was all about. This experience led to his next role as Head Chef at a small Spanish restaurant, where he served exotic Mediterranean dishes rich in umami flavours.

In 2016, as Head Chef at Cachet, Chef Julian worked with Jenn to redesign the menu, build out the culinary team and reinvigorate the Cachet reputation as one of Newmarket's premiere dining establishments. Then following a visit to see family in 2018, an opportunity to relocate to the

Cayman Islands opened up where he enjoyed cooking with a team of international chefs at one of the island's finest seaside restaurants, specializing in gourmet Caribbean cuisine.   During the Pandemic, Chef Julian regained his position as Chef at Cachet but LIVE from the Cayman Islands, providing virtual cooking classes for guests around the world

Employed by Cachet Supper Club, April 12th, 2017.