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Oatmeal Stout Beer Bread Kit $12.00

This kit can be used with a half a tall boy can any Stout to make a delicious Stout bread. Although we have not tried this kit with any Porter or dark beers we're certain it would still produce delicious results. ~ Single - 1 kit (requires 236mL, ½ can of beer)

Beer Butter Crackers $5.00

Spent Grain Butter Crackers, are produced using the spent barley grains from a local Toronto brewery (Henderson Brewing Company). These crackers are 100% Vegan, contain ZERO additives or preservatives, and are baked (not fried)! 

Beer Soap $12.00 / Bar

Beer soap is made from scratch in small batches.We use natural oils coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, hemp and avocado oil to name just a few.
The sugars in the alcohol produce a great lather! Beer soap is good for your skin! Beer has been used for thousands of years to reduce skin conditions. 
The beer sediment helps improve the symptoms of acne by killing the bacteria that causes it. Hops contains skin softening amino acids. The active yeast in the beer contain B vitamins which hold moisture in and help with your skins elasticity.  Phthalate Free, Paraben free, Sulfate free, Detergent free, Cruelty free 

Big Beer Liquid Soap  $16.00

Canada's Best Caesar Mix $8.99

The Mildly Spiced Caesar Mix, contains just enough ‘heat’ to make it enjoyable for those who would prefer a milder Caesar drink. It delivers a nice little kick, which is important to all Caesar lovers, and still maintains that delicious Caesar flavour!

The Spicy Caesar Mix has been mixed with enough hot sauce and chili pepper extract to satisfy lovers of a spicier/hotter version of a Caesar drink. You won’t be disappointed! If you desire more spice – add a spicy bean or two to your Caesar, or try some using hot sauce, which complements our Spicy Caesar Mix beautifully!

Finally, a Vegan Caesar Mix! Our Vegan Caesar Mix contains all-natural ingredients as well and is beautifully spiced! It has a delicious Caesar flavour, without the shellfish AND, it’s sugar-free, thanks to the addition of Date Puree! We know you will love it!

Oktoberfest Experience Kit-Paradigm

Add Beer Bread Kit?
Add Beer Butter Crackers?
Add Beer Soap?
Add Beer Liquid Soap?
Add Canada's Best Caesar Mix?
  • Get ready for the #oktoberfestexperiencekit

    This experience box is packed full of the classic Oktoberfest party essentials such as:

    -Stiegl Bier

    -Stiegl Radler



    -Deb's Beer and Cheddar Dip with Pretzels



    -Feathers etc.

    -Plus lots of add ons!

    This experience will start at 7pm via ZOOM. All the details will be in your experience kit ready for pick up or delivery on event day.

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