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Meet Our Virtual Chefs

Chef Julian

Hometown hockey boy from Newmarket, Canada.  Graduated from Culinary Management at George Brown College in Toronto in 2010. A curated professional culinary journey followed. A wine bar on Queen St. West, serving up Asian-Mexican fusion style tapas.  Magna Golf Course working under a Michelin-starred Chef. Head chef at a small Spanish restaurant, serving exotic Mediterranean spices and rich umami flavours. Head Chef at Cachet Supper Club. November 2018, relocated to the Cayman Islands for an unexpected opportunity cooking with a small team of international chefs at one of the Caribbean's finest restaurants specializing in fresh Caribbean cuisines.

I have over 12 years experience in helping people achieve optimal health through their nutrition and food. My clients have ranged from people managing illnesses such as diabetes, all the way through to Olympic athletes, giving them that extra edge in competition. My love of cooking started at an early age. Growing up in Dubai, Canada & the UK, gave me a great understanding of different cultures and styles of cooking. During my time in Canada particularly, I spent time living with different cultures in Toronto, learning different ways of cooking. These included Sri Lankan, Italian, Brazilian, Philippino & El Salvadorian styles.
When I returned to the UK, I reignited my passion for cooking and nutrition by starting my own catering company where I was the head chef. Over the last 5 years, I have prepared and delivered thousands of meals for both individual and corporate customers. I have also cooked for large groups at weddings and festivals. My wide knowledge of cooking and practical experience has meant I have created recipes that are both delicious and nutritious.
Chef James

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Meet Our Musicians


David Pilkey

Dave Toms

Bianca Rollo

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Ron Flemming






The Cachet Story

more than a restaurant. we are a community

As many of you know, every edition of the Cachet menu comes with a story in the back. We believe these stories are a great way to learn what we are about.

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